I am a feminist.

Grimace, I see on your face.
“How can?” You ask.
The band wagon, i choose to cruise with,
‘cos the wagon, i believe, drives towards truth.
My opinion, you might tag sophistry,
but I say women are equal to men.
My mother, a widow, in man’s might
“Fathers” 6 children.

“Our culture forbids it,” you say.
We make our culture, it doesn’t make us.
Our culture taught her
to cower in face of daunting challenges.
It made her fell inept
at the sight of masculinity.
Forced her to have views,
never a say.

“Religion debunks it,” you claim.
Didn’t Esther and Deborah
determine the rise or fall of their nation?
Insecure you!
You disguise self-will in religion
and tell her;
It’s the Almighty’s will.
Bloated you!
A weaker vessel she is,
but a strong content she bears.

Despite her sagacity
she’s deprived education.
Exiled to the kitchen(the dream killer).
Her succulent bosom
bears the nation’s burden
yet, she is not regarded.
Our “illiterate-erudites” even
discuss marring out the girl-child.
A felo-de-se, they commit.

At the echoes of queen Amina,
men lost stamina.
Funmi Ransome-Kuti made men shiver,
yet you say she can’t be an achiever.

“Feminism” now parleys
words as terrorism and felony.
The male folk convulses at it’s mention.
He resents it.

If feminism means
standing for equal rights,
I pride in that appelation.
If it means fighting
girl-child marriage in Nigeria,
I’m proudly feminist.
If it fights for the rights of
women to drive cars in Saudi Arabia,
I am a feminist.
If it fights sex trafficking
In Europe and America.
I am a feminist.

If it forestalls chaos and injustice,
I boldly proclaim feminism.


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