better days

With keen interest, unswerving attention and tears stained eyes I stood before the television this morning, as I watched Goodluck Jonathan hand over power to President Muhamadu Buhari. It was a land mark in Nigeria’s history, synonymous to the Independence Day aura. I could feel the joy of the thousands of spectators at the Eagle Square, hundreds even loitered the gates of the square due to their inability to gain access.

The military ceremonies of: handing over the flags (the Nigerian and Defense flag), freeing the doves, the match-past and the 21 tributary gunshots sent shivers into my spine. I saw Jonathan after performing his duty dart off in a jet black SUV that had been waiting patiently for him, I presume he began his emotional journey to his ancestral domicile (Otueke).

Buhari on the other hand, in his white embroidered Babanriga, mounted the ceremonial pick-up vehicle and started to wave at the spectators. As expected, the spectators were thrilled. I suddenly turned introspective. I thought about the Nigerian optimism and how an average Nigerian believes Buhari is the Messiah.

Should we put all our eggs in “the Buhari-Basket”. Buhari himself described the challenges bedeviling Nigeria as daunting.

But here is the million Dollar question: Are better days here?




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