afro lady

I see you well, my fearless lady,

All you shall become.

For with your strength, it’s very clear

That you shan’t settle for less

You think that God has made you so

And you deserve to be

That your man at home and even beyond

Should not look down on you

For why should he deserve to speak

And you be denied thereof?

Did not your womb produce his whole;

And your bosom feed him?

And surely, didn’t you watch him grow

Scolding him when he wronged?

And you guarded him from father’s whip,

Protecting him all along.

So why, oh, why should he be loved

And you be shoved aside?

You beat him in the last exams

Surely, aren’t you smarter!

You do this well and do that well

And altogether like to romp

But why, just why, should he be seen

As preferable to you?

You write and write and speak to no end

On how unfair it is.

You come up with a principle

And call yourself by it.

For won’t that ease you of your pain

And help you in your fight?

But since God has ordained it so

What more can you now do?

I say to you, oh bashless lady

That you shan’t change a thing

Your fight, I think, all lies within

And that do you not know

So, stay away; please stay away

And do not bore me more

I see you well, all that you are

And soon will become!

As usual, your display of poetic wit is enviable.



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