hail arica

Hails I give unto thee,

Mother of all lands.

In you, I rejoice in endless spree

Mother of all lands.


Lands with stars, I have known

But you, they can’t dethrone.

Land of my great fathers

now entangled in hampering fetters.


Land once filled with free kings and queens,

restricted are you now to the stranger’s whims.

The stranger in friend’s camouflage, he came

but you he came to tame.


Your people he took captive,

Oh! It was too late.

Too late to be selective,

With fervor, you he came to annihilate.


He took away your gold

In exchange of dust.

Your people, he forced to work in cold.

Left them all covered in frost.


For him, you obliged servitude.

“Slavery?” No, that word’s platitude.

Down to the river of torment, he forced you.

Only the Almighty saw you through.


Cry no more oh mother land.

Wipe your tears Oh Africa.

By the sun of hope your land has been umbrellaed.

Forgive the impenitent stranger on a gold platter.


From your devastating hemorrhage, I plead recover.

Please do not lie waste.

In your garden, a roseate I discover.

Devastation, I know is not your fate.


Rise from the ashes,

the world awaits your conquest.

Rise from life’s marshes,

this one thing I request.


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