We only ask for you to listen
To our explanations and our reason
We are the men of Owu, yonder fallen city!
We’ve come to your gates and not for pity
It was last night when deep asleep we were
That they trooped in from here and there
Kicking and shooting and clamoring endlessly
Invading our peace and quiet intrepidly

Our king and chiefs had fled
Hot, hot tears did Erelu shed
Oh, and our sisters and daughters
They were brutally deflowered

The gods had forsaken us
And regretfully we were the cause
For we flouted their laws in our bloom
Oh, our city had never known such doom

They set our houses ablaze
Yes, and mournfully did we gaze
At the smoke, thick and black
At what had become of our abodes, barns and racks.

They shot their guns
And killed us men; old and young
And our sheep and mares
Not a single one did they spare

But those bastards they had to pay
For our brothers did they slay
For our sisters did they rape
For how they caused us to gape

Oh, you should have seen us
Agitated like the demented horse
With swords and bamboo sticks
With punches and powerful kicks

But we caused them merely to shrug
Those bastards, they must have used drugs!
Of our resolve did we quickly run at a loss
As our fight was all a lost cause

They were too strong
And even though we fought for so long
Even though for so long we tried
We finally died…

Now, at your gates do we stand
Now, back do we look at our land
Oh, holy one, we do not want your pity…
No, we shall rise again as the people of the fallen city…


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