Brother, do kindly remind me

For I forget his name, the god of Death.

I want to summon him and bargain

“I’d like to take a short die” I’ll say.

Ah, I see your eyes widen now.

I see the questions that lie in them.

Am I mad? You want to know

Be patient now, I’ll tell you why.

I’ve got a wife and two fine lads

I’ve got a job and a handsome pay

I’ve got cars, houses. I’ve got a good life

Why should I want to die? I see you wonder.

But you must surely know, dear brother,

That man’s great need is to know

Ah, the need to know drives me mad

And I’ve begun to see from Faust’s plight

So, I want to take a die and see

If our father’s jealous brothers will let us be

If their sons, twelve in all, aren’t they?

If they’ll see it fit to attend my wake.

Oh, and again I want to know

What really thinks my secretary of me.

Perhaps I’m less nice than she says.

And that gatekeeper whose religion is sycophancy;

Guarding my path as I alight my car

Like a lovely faithful hound.

I’d like to know if when I’m gone

He’d guard my children the same.

Perhaps I should take a die

And inquire about that old nanny too;

With her thick glasses and lovely smile.

And my lawyer, in whose hands I risk my trust.

My friends, too, who drink endlessly on me.

Do they wish me well?

Or do they the least wish they were me?

These questions need answers, my brother.

Answers that we know do not lie here.

So, perhaps I should go away for a while now.

Why not that I should take a short die!


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