Yoruba Version

Akiode, a gbo poode

Iwa re lo jiseere, e se

Eleje tutu, a wa o wa le

L’ojo kan njokan, oloko nwoko

Olowo ngbowo, olomo npomo

Akiode, a wa o wale

T’erin t’ilu, t’ilu t’erin

Iwa re naa lo s’aju re

T’owo t’omo, t’omo t’owo

Akiode, o se.

Akiode, a o gbo poode

Ayun re n yun wa, eyan rere

English Version

Akiode, we heard of your return

Your good attitude precedes you, thank you

Gentle one, we paid you a visit

On that day, as the driver drove

As the creditor received his money and mother backed her child

Oh Akiode, we came to your house

And you welcomed us with smiles and songs

Yes, your attitude precedes you

With wealth and kids, kids and wealth

Akiode, we thank you

Akiode, we’ve not heard of you return

We miss you, oh good one


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