Those times, through my mortal fingers, slipped,

When you’d touch my face & lower lip,

And our eyes would meet to tell same tales,

That our hearts never deemed stale.


You were here for me, as I was for you,

Like this world was only for two,

‘Til death found your conspicuous trail

And yanked you off like a bird of prey.


Then you left me, all by my clumsy self,

To the books in my dusty shelf.

Then my whole began to shatter,

Like a body of sand in the wind of summer.


I drank from bottles of depression,

And feasted the tissues of pressure.

Only to lay on the bed of our memory,

And thread the path of our story.


I called you mama ’cause you were my friend,

And lover ’cause you were till the end,

I still sing our anthem every night

And laugh to your verse like every thing is alright…




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