Dear readers, followers and bloggers,

It has been a wonderful 2015 with all of  your support.

From Facebook to Twitter to Google Mail and of course the wordpress bloggers can’t be left out. You’ve read our short stories, liked our poetry, commented on our articles and in summation,granted us audience-what every blog seeks. 

It’s not mega, but it’s big and it’s growing; novelafriquethat is.

We have God to thank first for pushing our start button and we have you. For that one click that redirected you to novelafrique, for that thought of pausing your business to check us out, we are truly grateful.

for giving us a reason to continue this 2016, we won’t let you down.

Thank you all so much for your attention. Have an amazing and prosperous new year ahead of you.

From yours truly, the novelafriquans


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