…green, yellow, red…
The black and yellow bus tried to beat the red light but the tincan of a station wagon wouldn’t let him. It moved slowly as though the road were its  chambers with him as king. Tincan was never in a hurry. It took it’s time to move in its own pace and arrived whatever destination  of its punctuality.
Driver honked his horn the first time. Tincan still moved slowly. He did the second time and nothing happened. The third time he did it was accompanied  by a full sentence of curses in every language he knew. *¥$#₩…¥£₩=÷%…#×*@!?. Of course, the vituperations were meant for one person only. The mystery man controlling all of Tincan’s disgusting  moves.
In the fashion with which his fellow drivers used in attacking their offenders, their famous attack position: the upper part of the body out the window with a fisted hand, the other on the steering wheel; driver let out another series of lashing diction. It was obvious Tincan’s controller had had it. Stepping out of the old wagon was an old dandy whose fashion couture belonged in the far past.
He was clad in a yellow windbreaker that only proved useless in the terribly hot afternoon. His wrinkled face with burnt black patches that showed signs  of bleaching  wore a pair of dark sunglasses. Plastic. Resembling something out of a toy  store. Of course he wore pants-denim but not the usual kind that normals wore. They had seen a lot of better days (and, literally speaking, a lot of bad days. The holes on the pair were meant to add a fashion detail so that they looked like ripped jeans. The shoes, however  were the Centre of Excellence.
Dandy Old walked up to driver and said “look at me, do I looked like your father? I am not in your class and we aren’t of same category.”
Dandy Old then did a 360 to show his worth, “I mean look at me, I can buy you. Look at my shoes, do they resemble something you can afford?” With that, in the same way he came, he cat walked back to his piece of junk.
Those shoes he boasted of were brown weather beaten leather that begged to be disposed  of.
Driver had become speechless. The rest of the bus found every bit of that scene amusing.
The green light showed and every  one yelled out to Dandyto Old:
“Look at my shoes!”


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