Photo from Google.com

Photo from Google.com

Once upon a time lived I within

Curled up like a ball of thread

Small and as such weightless

Almost two decades now, I reckon

Since that time, that era

When consciousness was a distant land

Foreign as the one into which I was to emerge

And just as controversial

Since that time, that era

When body parts weren’t exactly body parts

When eye bore no sight,

Ear no sound, tongue no speech

And mind a fabulous slate of white colour

Almost two decades now it’s been

And I’m to recall that primordial period

As one does an early harmattan morning:

A period of haze and fog and quiet

When the world was just a tiny, shrunken ball

Which I’m to miss for its innocence

For there I knew no man, no war

No hate, no noise

Oh, but do I miss that period!

And curse the day I parted with it

Like a heart broken lover!

Yes, yes I crave that period

Like a horny teenager

Who is without relief

For I’ve seen more hate in my life

Than love. I’ve seen more

Betrayal than loyalty

More deceit than sincerity

More despair than hope

I do not even know hope, for hope

Is in the future, and how dare you think of that!

No, no, all I know is history,

Gory, sorry history

All I know is suffering and fear and shame

All I know is pain, no gain

Twisting of facts, bending of will

Slaying the old, slaving the young

Hate, hate, hate, everywhere!

So shan’t I crave that period?

Oh, but I do crave that period

Like the white man craves power

And the black man craves his roots

For that was once upon a time

And once upon a time there was peace.


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