Image from Google.com

Image from Google.com

Dear Head, do be mellow till the heart mends

Respect your presence till this becomes past tense

Hold your peace, or give it to me

I’ll be glad to keep it, you’ll see!


Perfidious head, I’m the maestro of this dance

Before you challenged me did you like a glance

At the future? Did you see victory?

Or at the past? Don’t you know history?


No one challenges the master and wins

If you’re wondering at the blacks, the whites were myopic

And their whole system then was shit

Clumsy Head, if you must be bad be good at it!


I’ll tell you about Feet my great pal

Because he was nice, he got shoes for Christmas

Arm got a wristwatch, chest got a shirt

And doodle got the permission to flirt


If you behave, dear head, I might buy you presents

Perhaps a hat that’s shaped like a crescent

It’ll be our private thing, you know, our stuff

I’ll forgive you at once and you’ll know love


Oh, Head, I need to make an ally of you

For none of the others can do what you do

With you on my side I’ll break all limits

And watch as my opponents tumble into pits


I don’t want to hurt you Head, oh, I promise

If you join me you’d haven’t to worry about fees

I’d settle them all, wed you a bride

And yours would be a life filled with pride


Oh, grant me my wishes wise you

Let us together call the tune

For I am Heart; I’m drum; I beat

And if you don’t join me you’ll be the undoing of me!


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