Image from Google.com

Image from Google.com

Released from a surge of pleasure,

Into another world,

We were millions,

Hot and tiny.

Our tails propelled with force

As we struggled to overtake the other,

For a purpose unknown

I was at the back.

Behind my million and one brothers

“Why are we running?”

I asked,

“For her”

“Who’s her?”

“She who gives life”

“I don’t understand,”

I didn’t understand

So I pushed myself,

Farther, away

My brothers, struggling still

Closer to.

Then, I saw her

In all her glory.

Round, bright, still.

This was her,

For whom we wiggled

I saw why we raced.

‘Twas her pulchritude,

And I wanted of it.

Again, I pushed.

my speed increasing

My brothers, now behind.

I was too fast, losing control

Lord! I was going to hit her.

Destroy her elegance.

But I did.

And then there was nothing.


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