You can reach us on:

E-mail: novelafrique@gmail.com

Phone 1: 08173964100

Phone 2: 07087139807

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/novelafrique

Twitter: @novel_afrique


3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. “Tide of the Parched Sea”

    A blithe tide, swinging down the blissful sea,
    Exuding amiable spring for the sun to see.
    “A transient solace here I foresee”,
    Cries the sun in frowning smile!

    In unison, we’ve vowed and done our part,
    To cramp the scourge of the counterpart
    That banned us not but to depart;
    Nay! Afar we go in a thousand mile…

    Things fell apart in dimmed reason,
    A fiery furnace in the dry season!
    As the tide was being charged with high treason,
    For the sea that dwindled in a short while.

    Not for long, we live in departure,
    Dwelling in an agonizing life, a chosen
    Of apt transition to scabrous structure,
    In a myriad of mysteries in single file.


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