Thank you for your interest in Novel Afrique. We are a literary pan-African blog aiming to promote African literature in the continent. We delight in publishing young African writers across the globe, allowing a platform where young African writers can showcase their craft and develop themselves.

Our Guest Writer programme enables certain outstanding young African writers more opportunity to showcase their works. As a Guest Writer, you are allowed, unlike ordinary submitters, to have your works published more often (according to our publishing roster). Sometimes, if it suits you, we’d appoint you a particular genre, or working theme for which you’d be regarded.


To apply for a position as Guest Writer on our blog, all you have to do is send us an Application Letter! (You’ll find our email below.) Your application letter must contain a detailed biography of you (in third person – spice it up, be creative), as well links to at least two blogs or online magazines on which you’ve been published before. Also, attach a photo of yourself to the email – be free to make it as playful or as serious as you wish! Then click send!

Our editors will go through your application and reply in seven days, or less! Thank you!

E-mail: novelafrique@gmail.com

P.S.: We are not currently paying our Guest Writers, though we hope that would change in the nearest future!