We’d love to receive your entries. If you’re an African, living or not on the continent, simply send your work to our e-mail below. No attachments, please. Put your work in the body of the e-mail, as well as a 50-word third person biography and a 50-word summary of your submission. Also, attach a picture of yourself to the email. Feel free to make it look as playful or serious you like. Please note that works sent as attachments, or sent without strict adherence to the aforementioned rule, will be ignored.

If your submitted work has been published on our blog once, you’ll have to wait 8 weeks to submit another, otherwise you’ll have it rejected. Only our guest writers have the opportunity to submit more than one entries in a week. To read about our Guest Writers programme, click here.

There is no word limit for our submissions, but none of our past posts have exceeded 4000 words.

All works sent will be read and responded to within 48 hours, so please be very patient.


E-mail: novelafrique@gmail.com

P.S.: Please do not call us to inquire about your work. We’ll respond to you whether or not we are interested in publishing your work. Thank you.